If you’re ready to make some progress through the emotional health challenges you may be having, I can provide caring,well informed support for you to begin to address and move past what’s holding you back.
I specialize in helping people who are suffering from:

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What is Art Therapy?

Artmaking is a way for clients to communicate feelings and experiences which may be too painful or too confusing for words.

Artmaking can allow unconscious thoughts, feelings, and images to arise, letting the client experience and work through past events, current challenges or long ignored emotions with the help of the art therapist.

Artmaking can promote relaxation and reduce stress, thus improving clients’ ability to cope with difficult situations such as chronic illness and anxiety.

It is not at all necessary to have skills in drawing, painting or sculpture….KEEP READING


Frances offers creative workshops on a wide variety of topics.

Workshops are designed to help you access renewed energy, a positive outlook, improved boundaries and ability to communicate, and a reconnection with your creativity…  KEEP READING

Frances Bryant-Scott is a Registered Art Therapist and Registered Social Worker in Victoria and the owner of Open Hearth Studio. 

Open Hearth Studio is where people in pain or distress can find comfort, new energy, new ideas, and help when it seems like nothing else is working. 

I use both talk and art therapy to help you find your own best path through your pain to new joy, better relationships, greater freedom, and healing from what’s blocking you. If you’re curious about working with a different counselling method you may find my approach is one that can work for you.

Please contact me to book a consultation by phone at Ph 250 595 0405 or by e-mail.

Why Open Hearth Studio?

I offer the benefits of being fully qualified in both talk and art therapy. My Social Work background gives me a useful perspective that includes looking at ALL the systems at play in my clients’ lives. This holistic approach takes into account the environmental, social, family, work, body, mind and spiritual factors that play into your wellbeing.

Please browse my website to view the different ways I can help. If you’d like to book a complimentary 30 minute consultation please call: 250 595 0405